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Primerus Products

Primerus Products Spot Spitter .170" x .125" Insert Reducer (1/4" x 1/8")


Primerus Products recommends connecting SPOT-SPITTER spray stakes directly to supply laterals using Primerus .125”x.187” tubing only and no fittings or connectors as described in the SPOT-SPITTER Instructions for Use. However, insert fittings can provide additional convenience and flexibility in specific applications. Primerus completes its line by providing a selection of insert fittings that are ideally suited for use with the SPOT-SPITTER and other 1/8” irrigation components.

Ideal for use as a lateral takeoff for .125” tubing, providing a faster and more consistent connection than the standard SPOT-SPITTER takeoff without fittings. Use with the Primerus Hole Punch and Primerus .125” x .187” tubing. Can also be used as a reducer from .170”x.250” to .125”x.187” tubing.