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Primerus Products Pattern Spot Spitters


The SPOT-SPITTER is the simplest and most effective method available for irrigating nursery containers. Its innovative V-Groove design delivers an accurate spray directly to the root zone without waste. The large flow passage stands up to dirty water and can be cleaned by simply removing the supply tube, then putting it back on. Solid construction from UV-inhibited acetal plastic results in years of trouble-free use in the toughest environments and color-coded flow rates provide easy identification.

The experts at Primerus Products, LLC have nearly two decades of experience working with the SPOT-SPITTER and its customers in their many varied applications. You can rest assured that the tradition of quality and reliability that have made the SPOT-SPITTER the world’s leading spray stake will continue in the capable hands of Primerus.

The AboveGround SPOT-SPITTER® is the most cost-effective, versatile solution for all your mini-spray nursery and greenhouse applications. The SPOT-SPITTER is ideal for any application in which a soil-wetting mini spray pattern is desired.

Installation and maintenance are a breeze. To install, just slide a length of Primerus polyethylene tubing over the selected spray tip and insert the other end directly into a polyethylene hose. This creates a water-tight fit in seconds, without the need for tools, glue or additional barbs or fittings. It takes just seconds to get the flow characteristics you want. And the SPOT-SPITTER can easily be turned off by reversing it and placing the shut-off tip into the tube.

Every SPOT-SPITTER is manufactured from premium UV-resistant acetal resin to provide years of trouble-free service in both indoor and outdoor applications. Sturdy stabilizer ribs help lock each SPOT-SPITTER in the soil just where you want it, and extra-thick construction resists flexing and breakage.

You can rely on Primerus Products and the AboveGround SPOT-SPITTER to deliver unmatched performance for all your mini-spray nursery and greenhouse applications.




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