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Irritec P1 Light Drip Line 5/8"

$339.75 $342.60

Light drip line with flat dripper

P1 is the light drip line with flat dripper ideal for spacings over 20 cm. The flat dripper guarantees extremely reduced localized load loss, with resulting supply uniformity for the entire length of the drip line and, with the same uniformity, longer lengths.


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  • Of the light drip lines, it is the ideal solution for spacings over 20 cm.
  • The vast range of thicknesses and capacities available allow seasonal and multi-seasonal use, and also in the presence of stones and insects on the land.
  • The particular design of the labyrinths reduce pressure sensitivity and increases the self-cleaning effect.
  • The flat dripper guarantees extremely low localized load losses, with resulting supply uniformity.
  • The excellent uniformity performance and the possible combination of low flow rates of the dripper with vast diameters (up to 29 mm) allow very long branches to be laid.
  • The integrated filter avoids clogging phenomena occurring.
  • The positioning of the filter turned to the center of the tube allows water into the labyrinth far from stagnation areas.
  • The presence of the particular Flap system inserted inside allows its use in sub-irrigation.


For more information about the P1 IRRITEC Tape (Industrial Application), click on the link below:'s%20Flyers/EN/Drip%20irrigation/P1.pdf