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Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing X 3/4" F.H.T. Y Adapter

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Perma-Loc Tubing x Female Threads "Y" Adapter

This "Y" fitting has a female hose thread (FHT) connection with two perma-loc tubing connections. Great for running two poly tubing lines from a single female threaded source.

Perma-Loc fittings and adapters are heavy duty reusable connectors for all your connection needs. They are very easy to use and require no special tools. Perma-Loc fittings are available for both Tubing and Tape. The Tubing connectors can be used on blank tubing as well as drip line.

  • To Use: Simply push tubing or tape over barbed end, then hand-tighten locking nut over tubing or tape for a permanent secure fit.
  • To Remove: Just loosen locking nut, pull tube off and re-use as needed.

Perma-Loc fittings look similar to traditional flange and locking nut plumbing connections; however, in most cases, they work differently. Unlike a typical locking nut which comes off the fitting and slides over the tubing, a Perma-Loc locking nut is usually not removed from the fitting. The exception to this rule might be some of the larger 3/4" and above tubing fittings.