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Mccrometer Threaded Flow Meter


The McCrometer Threaded End Flow Meter is a Model MT100 that is manufactured to comply with the applicable provisions of the AWWA Standard No. C704-02 and latest revisions for propeller-type flowmeters. The threaded ends of the MT100 allow it to be directly coupled into an existing pipeline. The carbon steel flow tube has a fusion-bonded epoxy coating offering excellent corrosion protection. As with all McCrometer propeller flowmeters, standard features include a magnetically coupled drive, instantaneous flow rate indicator and straight-reading, six-digit totalizer.


The McCrometer propeller meter is the most widely used flowmeter for municipal and wastewater treatment applications as well as agricultural and turf irrigation measurement.

Other typical applications include:

  • Water and wastewater management
  • Truck loading and discharge
  • Sprinkler irrigation systems
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Golf course and park water management
  • Commercial nurseries




  • Impellers are manufactured of high-impact plastic, capable of retaining their shape and accuracy over the life of the meter. Each impeller is individually calibrated at the factory to accommodate the use of any standard McCrometer register, and since no change gears are used, the MT100 can be field-serviced without the need for factory recalibration.



  • Factory lubricated stainless steel bearings are used to support the impeller shaft. The shielded bearing design limits the entry of materials and fluids into the bearing chamber providing maximum bearing protection.



  • An instantaneous flow rate indicator is standard and available in gallons per minute, cubic feet per second, liters per second and other units. The register is driven by a flexible steel cable encased within a protective self-lubricating liner. The register housing protects both the register and cable drive system from moisture while allowing clear reading of the flow rate indicator and totalizer.