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Mccrometer Saddle-Type Flow Meter


The McCrometer Saddle-Type Flow Meter is an M0300 Strap-On model that is manufactured to comply with applicable provisions of AWWA Standard No. C704-02 for propeller-type flow meters.


  • Center pivot systems
  • Sprinkler irrigation systems
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Golf course and park water management
  • Gravity turnouts from underground pipelines
  • Commercial nurseries
  • Water and wastewater management




• The fabricated stainless steel saddle eliminates the fatigue-related breakage common to cast iron and aluminum saddles and provides unsurpassed corrosion protection.

• Fabricated stainless steel construction offers the additional advantage of being flexible enough to conform to an out-of-true pipe.



• Impellers are manufactured of high-impact plastic, capable of retaining their shape and accuracy over the life of the meter.

• Each impeller is individually calibrated at the factory to accommodate the use of any standard McCrometer register, and since no change gears are used, the M0300 can be field-serviced without the need for factory recalibration.



• Factory lubricated, stainless steel bearings are used to support the impeller shaft.

• The shielded bearing design limits the entry of materials and fluids into the bearing chamber providing maximum bearing protection.



• The instantaneous flow rate indicator is standard and available in gallons per minute, cubic feet per second, liters per second and other units.

• The register is driven by a flexible steel cable with a magnetically coupled drive, encased within a protective vinyl liner.

• The register housing protects both the register and cable drive system from moisture while allowing clear reading of the flow rate indicator and totalizer.