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Kifco T200S Water-Reel


Kifco Model T200S Water-Reel®
  • Turbine Driven Water-Reel® with 1.9" ID x 320' MDPE Tube
  • Simple, reliable, portable irrigation for sports fields, golf courses, pastures, hobby farms, ranches, and construction sites
  • Automatic shutoff allows for unattended operation
  • Mechanical level wind system with safety features for uniform, reliable tube rewinding
  • Rugged construction demonstrated by over 40 years of production
  • Kifco authorized dealer



  • The Kifco Model T200S uses a turbine drive which operates as low as 43 psi and 26 GPM (only 10 psi or less used in the turbine) and features simple and accurate speed control making it the most efficient turbine in the market
  • Sprinkler selector valve easily allows for automatic sprinkler shutoff at the end of the run or continued operation
  • Three-wheeled chassis for extra stability and three large flotation tires make transport by small garden tractor or utility vehicle simple



Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 1.9" x 320'

Irrigated Width: 105 - 238'

Irrigated Length: 372 - 476'

Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 1.1 - 2.4

Drive System: Turbine or Engine (Learn More)

GPM Range: 26 - 148

Inlet PSI Range: 43 - 150 (Turbine) 33 - 140 (Engine)

Hours Per Full Run 3 - 20

Retraction Speed 18 - 123 ft. per hour

Dry Weight (lbs) 900

Weight With Water (lbs) 1,340

Inlet Diameter 2" Male Camlock

Supply Hose 15' 2" Male x Female Camlock

Sprinkler Included: With SIME HIDRA or Nelson SR75

Warranty: One (1) year manufacturer; 5-year pro-rated tube warranty

Made in the USA


B-Series Applications

Best uses for the B-Series Water-Reels

Athletic Fields

  • Flexibility to perform athletic field irrigation on multiple fields with one machine.
  • Irrigates sports fields in a single pass.
  • Softens ground to reduce player injury.

Synthetic Turf

  • Only Kifco offers a machine specifically designed to cool, rinse, and condition synthetic turf fields.
  • Can water the entire field, end-zone to end-zone and sideline

Equestrian Arenas

  • It softens the soil for better, safer footing in show arenas and stables.
  • Watering equestrian arenas provides excellent dust control.


  • Garden irrigation is perfect for watering large vegetable gardens, flowers, organic produce, and fruit.


  • Cemetery irrigation improves the appearance of the grounds and increases the value of burial plots.

Practice Fields

  • It lowers maintenance costs because there are no in-ground heads to repair or winterize.
  • It improves the recovery of damaged turf in high traffic areas.