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Kifco E140 Water-Reel


Kifco Model E140 Water-Reel

  • DC Electric Driven Water-Reel® with 1.4" ID x 350' MDPE Tube (Battery not included. 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Recommended.)
  • Simple, reliable, portable irrigation for pastures, paddocks, riding arenas, sports fields, vegetables, and residential settings
  • Automatic shutoff allows for unattended operation.
  • Mechanical level wind system with safety features for uniform, reliable tube rewinding
  • Rugged construction is demonstrated by over 40 years of production.
  • Authorized Kifco Dealer

  • Optional Solar Panel Kit: Kifco Model E140 can be equipped with a highly efficient solar panel kit, which eliminates the need for an electrical charge.



  • The Kifco Model E140 uses a DC electric retraction motor and can operate as low as 25 psi and 13 GPM for up to 40 hours on a full charge (Battery not included)
  • Sprinkler selector valve easily allows for automatic sprinkler shutoff at the end of the run or continued operation
  • Two large flotation tires make transport by hand or small garden tractor simple
  • Optional Solar Panel Kit: award-winning design hassle-free outdoor use.



Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 1.4"x350'

Irrigation Width: 82 - 189'

Irrigated Length: 391 - 444'

Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 0.4 - 2.0

Drive System: Electric Motor

Recommended Battery: The required battery is not included. 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Recommended.

GPM Range: 13 - 80

Inlet PSI Range: 25 - 145

Hours Per Full Run: 2.1 - 11.7

Retraction Speed 30 - 170 ft/hr

Dry Weight (lbs) 556

Weight With Water (lbs) 801

Inlet Diameter 1.5" Male Camlock

Supply Hose 15' 1.5" Male x Female Camlock

Sprinkler Included: With SIME K1 or SIME Hidra

Warranty: One (1) year manufacturer; 5-year pro-rated tube warranty

Made in the USA


B-Series Applications

Best uses for the B-Series Water-Reels

Athletic Fields

  • Flexibility to perform athletic field irrigation on multiple fields with one machine.
  • Irrigates sports fields in a single pass.
  • Softens ground to reduce player injury.

Synthetic Turf

  • Only Kifco offers a machine specifically designed to cool, rinse, and condition synthetic turf fields.
  • Can water the entire field, end-zone to end-zone and sideline

Equestrian Arenas

  • It softens the soil for better, safer footing in show arenas and stables.
  • Watering equestrian arenas provides excellent dust control.


  • Garden irrigation is perfect for watering large vegetable gardens, flowers, organic produce, and fruit.


  • Cemetery irrigation improves the appearance of the grounds and increases the value of burial plots.

Practice Fields

  • It lowers maintenance costs because there are no in-ground heads to repair or winterize.
  • It improves the recovery of damaged turf in high traffic areas.