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Kifco E180ST Water-Reel


• The Kifco Models E180, E200S, E200L and E210 are all

available as ST Models.
• ST Models offer dual sprinklers and high speed retraction
for low application rates
• Cool, rinse & condition synthetic turf fields in as little as
30 minutes
• Control dust on construction sites and in large riding
arenas quickly
• Mechanical levelwind system with miswrap safety for
uniform, reliable tube rewinding
• Rugged construction proven by over 40 years of production
and over 35,000 Kifco Water-Reels® sold

• The Kifco Models E180ST, E200SST, E200LST and E210LST use a 4 hp gas engine to retract the sprinkler
cart. Gas engine models consume zero pressure, are capable of handling water supplies containing
solids or debris and can operate at extremely high speeds
• Sprinkler selector valve easily allows for automatic sprinkler shutoff at the end of the run or continued
• Three wheeled chassis for extra stability and two large flotation tires make transport by small garden
tractor or utility vehicle simple
• Unlike other Water-Reel Models, ST Models include wheel chalks in addition to the stabilizer legs, so that
you have the option to protect artificial turf during operation



Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 1.8" x 380'

Irrigated Width: 97-130'

Irrigated Length: 428-477'

Drive System: Engine

GPM Range: 46-130

Inlet PSI Range: 42-150

Minutes Per Full Run: 30-90 Minutes 

Sprinkler Options: SIME HIDRA