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Irritec USA

Irritec Roto Metal Filter

$3,632.39 $3,662.92

IRRITEC® metal filters are manufactured with cutting- edge machines and material. Weldings, cuts and holes are characterized by high precision and reliability. The welders assigned to manufacture metal filters are all highly qualified and licensed according to UNI EN ISO 9606-1: 2013 Standard. The protection obtained through epoxy powders also makes the filter durable.

Product Features

  • 150 PSI working pressure.
  • No moving parts.
  • Rotary action keeps the screen clean during operation.
  • Mesh sizes: 50, 80, 120 & 150 mesh.
  • Bonded & layered screen is very durable for long life.
  • Minimal friction loss of 5-8 PSI.
  • Built in ports for a variety of uses.
  • 7 step powder coating process ensures years of durability and prevents corrosion.
  • One person ease of service to take apart and put back together.
  • Comes standard with pressure reading system & flush valve.
  • Available in 4” and 6” models