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American Granby

American Granby Harvard Deep Well Air Release / Air Volume Control 1 1/4" Mpt

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Air Ejector Control For Deep Well Water Systems releases air only, submersible pumps only.

Pressure Release Valve Adjustment:

  • The HARVARD® plastic deep well air release is factory set at 25 psi
  • Max release valve pressure setting is 40 psi - Min setting is 0 psi
  • Pressure setting is increased by turning the adjusting screw clockwise, and lowered by turning the adjusting screw counterclockwise
  • One full rotation of the adjusting screw changes the setting by 5 psi
How the HARVARD® release valve works:
  • Excessive air in a non-bladder style tank will continue to lower the water level in the tank to the extent of discharging air into the service line
  • As the water level is lowered, the deep well air release float is also lowered, opening the release valve
  • This allows the excess air to bleed out of the tank until the release valve setting is reached (Factory set at 25 psi)
  • As the pressure in the tank lowers to the cut-in setting of the pressure switch (usually 20 psi), the pump starts and forces water and air into the tank until the pressure has reached the cut-out setting of the pressure switch (usually 40 psi)
  • As the water level rises, it raises the float which closes the release valve before the water level reaches the valve; a process that is repeated as the pump cycles