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Hand Diaphragm Primer Pump (Model Dp9)

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The Hand Diaphragm Primer DP9 is an air pump that creates a vacuum in a centrifugal pump priming line and pulls water up into the pump to prime it. The Diaphragm Primer has a flapper check valve in the diaphragm and a disk check valve at the bottom of the unit. Air flows through the bottom check valve on the diaphragm upstroke then through the diaphragm valve on the down stroke. The diaphragm is actuated through a connecting rod eyebolt attached to a fulcrum handle bracket.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body
  • Easily mounted on most centrifugal pumps
  • Tough and durable rubber diaphragm
  • Units have a drain valve




  1. Attach the mounting bracket to centrifugal pump or skid.
  2. Use non-collapsible hose or flexible tubing to connect primer suction inlet to the pump.
  3. Install the cut-off valve between the primer suction inlet and pump.
  4. Close the cut-off valve immediately after priming.
  5. Make sure primer drain valve is closed.
  6. A cut-off valve should be used at the pump discharge to prevent air from being drawn through the discharge line while priming.



  • Remove any debris under the diaphragm after each use.
  • Clear all fluids from inside the unit after each use.



If the Diaphragm Primer is not priming the pump, check the following:

  • Make sure the drain valve is closed.
  • Inspect check valve for blockage and free movement.
         ** Any debris can cause clogging, or prevent the valve from sealing properly.
  • Connecting hoses should be straight and clear of debris.
  • Check the suction side for air leaks.