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Drip Irrigation Kit 50Ft

$53.55 $54.00

Drip Irrigation Watering Kit Misting System for Plant Watering Included 50 Feet Tubing Connectors Hole Puncher Atomizing Nozzle Mist Dripper (15m 40Pcs dripper)

Includes 3 year warranty 

  • 【Water-Saving & Anti-Radiation】Garden irrigation pipes are made of high-quality UV-resistant materials. All fittings are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is durable and resistant to radiation. Set up the drip irrigation system to set up automatic irrigation when you turn on the faucet, saving up to 75% water.
  • 【Adjustable Water Volume】Each nozzle and dripper can be adjusted separately. The nozzle has two water spray modes, columnar and misty. The nozzle can be adjusted as needed to provide precise watering for each plant. Soak the tube in hot water for about 15 seconds before use, which is convenient to use and install.
  • 【Applicable Faucet & Simple Installation】Drip system kit is equipped with 2 faucet connectors.One is a threaded faucet connector for 3/4-inch threaded faucets. The other is a universal faucet connector for unthreaded faucets. With a simple installation, insert fittings and dripper, you can start watering the plants right away.No need to dig the pipe, follow the instructions to connect the accessories and immediately water the plants
  • 【Large Application】Flowers, plants, bonsai and potted fruits. Garden watering kit for family homes, hotels, clubs, office courtyards, greenhouses, gardens, lawns and other smart care plants.


Package Contains:

  • Tube*50 ft.
  • Orange sprinklers*5PCS
  • One rod sprayer *10 pcs
  • Three-way connectors* 10 PCS
  • Flat mouth three-way connectors*5PCS
  • Universal connector* 1PC
  • Pacifier connector*1PC
  • Quick connector*1PC
  • Raw material *1PC
  • Tie *10PC
  • Manual *1PC

Installation Steps:

1.Cut the tube as you need.

2.Connect the tube with the flat tee.

3.Connect the tube with the atomizing nozzle.

4.Connect the tube with the T-connector.

5.Cut a piece of tube to connect the drip emitter.

6.Connect the tube with the quick connector.

7.Connect the 1/2”-3/4”tap or the universal adapter with the water tap.

Due to holiday demands, we ask that you please allow 1 week for assembly and shipping of this kit.