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Dema Mixrite Wall and Cart Mounted Units


Wall Mounted Spray & Foam Systems come complete with an ON/OFF water valve, 25’ discharge hose, foam wand or spray gun and foam chamber if applicable.

All 500 series Wall & Cart Mount MixRites are available in a wall mount spray or cart mount spray & foam system and are designed for water flow to 11 gpm (41 L / min.) and a wide array of chemical and other additives (see 500 Series Pump page). MixRite compressed air foam systems allow any length of hose installed on the outlet of the dispenser. The hose length or foam nozzle have no effect on the foam quality making the MixRite ideal for foaming applications using long runs of hose or pipe.

Cart Mounted Spray & Foam Systems come complete with the same components plus mounted on a rugged pneumatic 2-wheeled cart which can hold a 5 gallon plus container and 250 lbs.