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Dema EasyDose


Taking decades of knowledge in electronics and metering chemical injection, we’ve created a simplistic yet highly advanced chemical injector to exceed the requirements of a wide variety of applications. Thanks to the extreme chemical durability of our pump components, Easydose can be used in applications ranging from fertilization, water treatment, acid injection, cleaning chemicals and much more.

Easydose uses innovative features such as the DEMA Smart Dosing software, providing accurate proportional dosing over a wide range of flow rates. Our controller and pump module components are housed in outdoor-rated enclosures, meaning you can set this unit up and regardless of whether it’s going to keep working.

Easydose is the ideal solution for chemical dosing into pressurized water lines that require consistently metered chemical injection.

·        Water treatment in remote areas

·        Animal hygiene

·        Drip systems

·       Hydroponics

·        Clean-in-place applications