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Chapin Btf Drip Tape Roll

$305.83 $308.40

Chapin Tape leads the industry in providing the largest flow path, best Cvs and greatest strength in any wall thickness of the tape. As the pioneer in drip irrigation, with 50 years experience making the highest quality drip irrigation tape, Chapin has the widest selection of flow rates, wall thicknesses and inlet filtration options available today. The extraordinary reliability and performance of Chapin Tape are attested to by long term Chapin Tape users world-wide.

**Available to Rain Pro customers in 5/8″ BTF ONLY.


  • Largest selection of flow rates on the market that allows utilizing the precise amount of water for every application
  • Largest selection of wall thickness on the market that allows the grower to select the durability level they need
  • Exceptional Run Length
  • Best engineered flow path design - larger internal dimensions in the flow path provide extraordinary resistance to clogging
  • Unmatched uniformity—Chapin Tape consistently supplies the lowest manufacturer’s variations (Cv) in the industry
  • Make the right choice for your water conditions— BTF model features multiple inlet filters
  • Engineered extruded profile—extra thickness where it counts
  • Easier to retrieve from the field upon season completion due to cast extruded profile



  • Multiple inlet orifices ensure continuous water flow to each dripper
  • Turbulent flow path design provides larger internal dimensions offering higher resistance to clogging
  • Largest selection of flow rates
  • Available in 5/8" diameter only
  • Available wall thickness 8, 10, and 15 mil (for Rain Pro customers)
  • Engineered extruded high-quality polyethylene film ensures round sides providing higher resistance to insect bites and field abrasion
  • Slit design outlet will help prevent root intrusion and soil ingestion
  • Longer flow path ensures true drip flow—no squirts
  • A low emitter exponent will ensure less flow and pressure variation on steep slopes to help increase emission uniformity
  • Lower winding tension to ensure less retraction in the field and avoid kinking and snaking during installation
  • Stringent quality checks at every stage of production will help ensure a high-quality product
  • Reinforced packaging to ensure smooth handling in the field and during transportation