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Can Opener Tool

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No more…

  • Hassle opening cans
  • Damaged caps
  • Dried out cements or primers

The Easy Twist™ is ergonomically designed to easily open cans with a simple twist without damaging the caps. When closing the can, Easy Twist helps tighten and seal the cap with an extra torque – that prevents solvent cements or primers from drying out and saves you money.

The serrated inner edge of the Easy Twist provides a solid “grip” making can opening and closing easy. The flat-edge handle is used to open paint-style solvent cement cans. The Easy Twist is made from durable stainless steel making it a great long-term investment for your personal or business use.

**This product can be used on all Weld-On solvent cement and primer cans except wide mouth gallon cans.