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Irritec USA

Irritec Idrop 1 Gph Green Drip Emitter

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iDrop is suitable for orchards, vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses or wherever a precise flow rate is required. With a uniform flow rate of between 6 and 50 mWC, the iDrop PC – PCDS is ideal for systems with long lines and steep slopes.


  • Opens at 5.5 psi and closes at 4.4 psi.


  • CNL Feature Prevents Refill and Siphoning (Opens at 5.7 Psi, Closes at 4.3 Psi)
  • Superior Clog Resistance
  • Fully Pressure Compensating (10-65 Psi)
  • Five Flow Rates to Fit Most Applications
  • Silicone Diaphragm Offers Precision and Long Life
  • Large Turbulent Flow Path
  • Made With UV Resistant Materials
  • Color-Coded for Ease of Identification
  • Compact Size
  • Low CV’s of 2.5% or Less
  • Versatile Applications: Nursery, Greenhouse, Vineyard, and Landscape
  • Non-CNL Version Also Available