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Primerus Products 1/8" Spot Spitter Tubing 100' ROLL

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Flexible, strong and dependable, SS supply tubing is a must for optimum operation of the Spot Spitter, and an excellent choice as a general-purpose polyethylene supply tube.

Available to DRIP SYSTEM HEADQUARTERS customers in 1/8” (.125” ID x .187 OD) in 100-­foot rolls.

SS tubing is manufactured using premium broad molecular weight polyethylene resins which provide enough flexibility to form a water­tight seal with or without fittings or barbs. Heavy loadings of antioxidants and carbon black protect the polyethylene matrix from heat and UV, ensuring years of trouble­-free use.

Our 1/8” tubing (TPE­-12531-­100), also referred to as Spaghetti Tubing, brings water from a supply lateral to the Spot Spitter head or other 1/8” watering device. Cut one end at 90˚ to insert on the Spot Spitter and the other end at 45˚ to form a sharp point to press into a punched Polyethylene lateral.