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Injection for your garden, landscape, farm, nursery or greenhouse is the most efficient way to deliver liquid nutrients directly to the root of your plants or crop. Our injectors can be used for many chemicals, including insecticides, chlorine and acid. Shop Drip System Headquarters' complete line up of injectors, metering pumps and bypass kits. 
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Dema EasyDose

From $1,253.51 - $1,663.42

Dema Flex Flow

From $585.35 - $1,452.82

Dema Mixrite Pump-1400

From $458.63 - $774.49

Dema Mixrite Pump-500

From $284.65 - $676.90

Dema Trident

From $1,303.31 - $3,044.45

Mazzei 1-Inch Injector