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Everything You Need to Put Water on Your Field

We offer every piece of equipment needed to run a Cadman Traveller on your field. Starting at your water source, we carry a full line of diesel pumping units. Leaving the pump, we sell high pressure layflat hose to run to you traveller. Cadman also offers a hose caddie to roll up and store that layflat when not in use. Finally we offer Cadman's full line of Travellers in many different sizes. We definitly have one that will suit your needs. We can help design your field if you are unsure what size

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Cadman Manure Equipment

Cadman calls manure "Liquid Gold". If you're in the dairy business, then you most likely know that your lagoon is sitting full of free fertilizer. All you have to do is pump it on top of your field. By doing this, you were able to fertilize your crop, and legally empty your lagoon. Cadman offers every piece you need to get the manure on your field. From the pumping unit, to layflat hose, drag hose, and applicator booms. Whatever you''re looking for, we have you covered. A lot of our manure equipment is not listed for sale online. If you have any interest or questions, please give us a call and we can put you a quote together.

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